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BOOTCAMP - Find your Fit.  Find your Fun.
So how're your workouts going?

Bored?  Can't take one more step on that treadmill?  Falling asleep as you go from one machine to another?  Sick of the same old, same old?

When was the last time you...
...set a goal?
...achieved it?
...tried to lose weight?
...lost it?
...sweat your *%$^# off? some results?
...cheered for your team-mates? cheered on when you worked out?
...laughed while working out?
...felt exhausted and exhilarated all at once (when working out that is, LOL!)

Here's one of our circuits from the Summer!

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What is GETFITNL BootCamp?
GETFITNL Boot Camp is a group-based exercise program designed to burn fat, tone muscle, and quickly whip you into shape.  A variety of exercises, circuits and activities provide both resistance training and cardio to both burn fat and strengthens muscles.  The camp uses group dynamics to motivate and inspire you to achieve your fat-loss and fitness goals. Positive encouragement and team spirit will motivate you to challenge your limits and achieve new levels of fitness and health.
What is included with my purchase of a class?
With the purchase of the 12 - week semester you will receive: 
  • Pre- and Post fitness assessment that includes weigh-in and measurement (this is optional), 
  • Mini Fitness Personal Best Challenges that are redone every few weeks so you can see your improvement, 
  • Home Fitness & Nutrition Challenges
  • Access to Private Facebook group
  • Weekly Informational Emails and , of course, the fitness classes you selected.
What will I learn in Boot Camp?
You will learn how to make your life more active and healthy.  You will also learn the most effective exercises for your core (abs, hips and lower back), glutes, lower and upper body. We will teach you how to build a more functional, athletic and leaner body. 

Every Boot Camp session is different and we are constantly introducing new exercises and new training methods to challenge you.  

You'll learn to use many different types of fitness equipment from kettlebells to ropes.  We'll do metabolic circuits, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and Tabata.  We'll have partner workouts, games and relays. We invite you to join us for a motivating, supportive and educational experience.

What sort of results can I expect to achieve at Boot Camp?
If you work hard in class, do the in-between work, follow the healthy eating guidelines and most importantly stick with the program, you can expect to see your body become toned, tighter and considerably more firm. Your energy levels will soar.  Your stamina and strength will increase, your body fat will decrease, you can lose 10 - 20 lbs, your thighs and tush will firm up, your tummy flatten. Centimetres will literally “melt” away as you add lean muscle and lose unwanted fat. Your skin will glow, your eyes clear, and you’ll sleep like a baby.Stress will be totally controlled, and in some cases, even disappear.
But more importantly than these physical improvements, the biggest achievement is the sense of satisfaction and accomplishment you get from taking care of your health.
If you’ve never experienced it, you are in for a real treat, because nothing can make your life more full, rich, balanced and positive than exercise. If there is such a thing as a panacea, something that cures everything, it’s fitness.
I know, I know, that sounds like “hype.” All I can say is this: once you experience it, you WILL believe it. And in addition to all that, you’ll meet great people, make some new friends and have tons of fun!


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